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Aéroport de Paris – Le Bourget
3, esplanade de l’Air et de l’Espace
BP 173 – 93352 Le Bourget CEDEX

Opening hours

The museum is open every day except Mondays:
between 10am and 6pm from April 1st to September 30th
between 10am and 5pm from October 1st to March 31th.


The Cocarde and Prototype Halls will be closed on Wednesdays 6 March and 3 April from 14:00 until the museum closes.

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The Enhanced Security Risk Attack is activated: it is forbidden to enter the museum with a suitcase or a large backpack (larger than 50x25x40 cm). Please present your open bags at the request of security officers.

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Located within Europe’s leading business aviation airport Paris-Le Bourget north-east to Paris, the National Air and Space Museum of France is one of the world’s finest aviation museums, both for the wealth of its collections and long history. It features an incredible collection of historical artefacts spanning the three branches of flight: ballooning, aviation and space. Among which, more than a hundred aircraft from its collection are on display, from the very first flying machines to the Breguet 19 “Point d’Interrogation”, the Spitfire and Concorde. Stroll through its exhibition halls and tarmac and check out the must-sees during your visit to the museum.

The National Air and Space Museum of France is also a site museum. In fact, Le Bourget is a place that all aviation heroes have been through, including Charles Lindbergh. It is the birthplace of commercial aviation and includes buildings that are themselves of great cultural interest, like the terminal building with its Art Deco architecture. Read about its history and key dates since its creation in 1919.

Bridging the past and the future, the prestigious National Air and Space Museum of France is a lively place, holding events throughout the year, regularly acquiring items for the collection, hosting activities for all (including Planète Pilote for children) and being hired for various events and for filming.

Exposition: « The golden years of aviation. Aeronautics at the heart of modernity (1919-1939) »

Between the inter-war period, the aeroplane helped transform societies, our view of the world, and the relationship between time and space. Following the railway and the automobile, aviation represented modernity in an era that was now imagining the continental and even worldwide rapprochement of humankind. The aeroplane evolved prodigiously during the Great War and from 1919 was seen as the mode of transport of the future. However, ocean crossings were still an individual achievement and many air routes were yet to be opened up.

Uncertain and uncomfortable, air transport remained the preserve of wealthy and intrepid passengers.

Within two decades, the promises had been fulfilled: aeroplanes transported passenger to the ends of the earth. Airlines were operated by the major aeronautical powers’ national and private companies. Despite its risks and the loss of life, this revolutionary mode of travel caused a permanent change of perspective. Aviation also became an instrument for domination and supremacy amongst competing nations.

Through a number of works brought together for the first time, the exhibition gives prominence to the transformations within society. It bears witness to the impact of aeronautics on the arts, architecture and visual culture.

The itinerary questions the processes that led societies, within the space of a few years, from hopes fora world without borders to the massacre at Guernica.

Admission Fees

For visitors up to 26 years old

Free admission to the museum’s permanent exhibition
8€/6€ to board the planes (free boarding for children up to 4 years old)

For visitors beyond 26 years old

17 € (full rate)
14 € (reduced price)


Your Boarding Pass

Climb aboard 4 mythical aircraft !
Discover the hidden sides of Boeing 747 and of the two Concorde, experience D-Day from the Dakota. Open daily (see museum opening times).

Included in the admission fare for visitors beyond 26 year olds.

8€/6€ to board the planes (free boarding for children up to 4 years old).

Other animations (planetarium) are available but require to understand French.

Planète Pilote

An area for children ages 6-12. Over 1000m2, children can freely explore more than 40 interactive activities on the theme of Aeronautics and Space, during 60 minutes long sessions. 4-5 sessions per days (see museum opening times).

Media and Games Library

Embedded in the visitor’s path across the museum, the media and games library invites you to travel to a new world of air and space knowledge. Intended for families, students and researchers, it offers a spacious reading room, a games centre and a specific library for research. Several databases allow you to access the latest publications from the specialist press or explore the career paths of the aeronautics industry. In the « On board » area, you can even consult museum resources from the seat of an Airbus A380!


For your lunch break, discover the traditional and international cuisine of « L’Hélice », and enjoy the view over the Boeing 747. Different spaces are available according to your wishes: a restaurant, a bar and a snack-bar.

Contact : +33 (0)1-48-62-04-38

Gift Shop

Learn more or buy a souvenir? The museum’s gift shop offers a large selection of aeronautical and space-themes books as well as many objects for adults and children.

Contact : +33 (0)1-74-25-50-83

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Come to the National Air and Space Museum of France

The National Air and Space Museum of France is located on the site of the Paris – Le Bourget Airport, within 10 minutes of Paris on the A1 motorway. Second bus stop (line 350) after the Porte de la Chapelle. It is also accessible from the N2, the metro (M7) and the RER B + Bus (line 152).

      • By car:
        Highway A1, take exit N°5 «Aéroport du Bourget ». Car park on site.
      • By Bus:
        Bus N°350 direct line from Paris and Roissypole.
      • By RER & Metro:
        Metro N°7 La courneuve-8 mai 1945 + Bus 152
        RER B Le Bourget + Bus 152

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