Prepare your visit

Wishing to bring pupils to the National Air and Space Museum of France? This page gathers all the information you may need to prepare your visit.

School activities

Are considering a visit to the museum to teach your pupils about aeronautics and space? At the National Air and Space Museum of France, you can organise your visit depending on your teaching programme.
Various educational and informative activities adapted to different academic levels are available to make the visit relevant to all teaching programmes.
Follow the guide or download our school programme.


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Contact the booking service by email at: reservation [arobase]

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday

There is currently no indoor area at the Air and Space Museum where you can picnic, but you can have lunch in our outside areas.

Prepare your class

Customise your experience

If you wish to complete your class, you can find a lot of historical content in the collections section of our website. You also have access to a wide range of pages from our online collection catalogue, which recount the history of aviation and of space exploration through the aircraft and items exhibited in the halls and on the tarmac. It is your turn to dive into the history of sky exploration!

Online educational resources

The museum is committed to promoting and sharing the aeronautic and space culture: as such, it is also open on the web to make it possible for pupils to enjoy its collections through online activities and resources.
Join us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and test their knowledge with quizzes and challenges to take up alone or as a group, thanks to the #ChallengeAirEspace hashtag. With our activities to do at home or at school, movie recommendations, virtual guided tours, YouTube videos and educational games, you can help them learn more about aeronautics.

The museum’s associate teacher

Contacter Mr. Olivier Chaibi, Associate Teacher at the National Air and Space Museum of France.

Mr. Chaibi is at the museum all day on Thursday (except holidays)

Code of conduct

For everyone to be able to enjoy their experience at the Air and Space Museum, the following rules are expected to be respected:

  • please eat and drink outside
  • walk without running
  • talk without shouting
  • look but don’t touch